From the roof to the foundation and everything in between; all visible
mechanical, structural, and electrical components are thoroughly
inspected according to the Standards of Practice established by the state
of Texas.




Thanks Tony; you did a great job of presenting this report.

Bill McGregor



Tony, Thanks for doing such a great job! When Stefanie and I were driving away, we started wondering how you get paid, and if we were supposed to pay you yesterday evening. We're new at this so please let us know how we need to pay you and we'll make it right. Thanks again!

Tyson Hyer


Thank you for your promptness in completing the inspection and providing the report. We appreciate your expertise.

Jan and CB

Thank you so much for thorough inspection. My wife and I are first time homebuyers, so we were a little overwhelmed by the report. Thank you for taking the time to go over all of it with us and clear up the questions we had.

Jesse Berrier

We really appreciate your thorough report and thanks for sending it so quickly.

Thank you



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